Welcome to
Peacock Farm!



3 bedrooms with double beds, with space for extra beds. We can accommodate 8-9 persons at the same time. The rooms furnished with patinated, rustic furnitures, have separate entrances.




Adults: 15€/night/person + 1 euro tourist tax, children by arrangement.

Breakfast: 5 euro/person - We provide a breakfast, which comprise exclusively home-made food.


The Peacock Farm is located between Békéscsaba and Gyula, in the south-eastern region of Hungary.


There is nothing, which can disturb the calmness of the area, even the neighboring farms are hundreds of meters away.


The Valastyán family moved to the Peacock Farm from Gyula in 2007. Since then they've restored it and made a model farm out of the one acred land.


A poultry yard, a stable, a fold, a piggery, a vegetable garden and two farm buildings can be found in the farm. Three bedrooms are available for the guests (with space for extra beds) in the main building with all modern conveniences.

Our guests can use the full-equipped cook house, as well as the furnace, or they can cook outdoor. By prior arrangement, our guest can participate in a traditional  hungarian slaughtering of a pig.


We also provide camp for the children, during which they can get  acquainted with the farmer life, with the animals, and of course with the nature. The Peacock Farm is a home for many animals, such as mangalica pigs (special hungarian hairy type of a pig), turkeys, rabbits, doves, sheep, a cow called Bonifác and a beautiful peacock of course, the eponym of the farm.  His name is Sándor(Alexander).And in the fold, there are two very friendly, biddable horses,  called Móni and Mirza.


Welcome to
Peacock Farm!




Slaughtering of a pig:


We invite you to a traditional hungarian slaughtering of a pig. This is an old hungarian tradition, which is still practiced at the countryside of the country. It usually a family event, whilst all the members of the family and close friends gather together in the very early morning, and start to process the meat of their own pig.

 We start the work with pálinka (hungarian fruity brandy), which is not just a very important part of the tradition, but also useful to keep ourselves warm, as the slaughtering is usually held during winter, because it has to be cold, to avoid the decomposition of the fresh meat. In the first break of the process, we have a substantial breakfast, which is traditionally fried blood. (the fresh blood of the pig, who has just been slaughtered). After the breakfast the major part of the work begins.

  The most popular product made from a pig, is the sausages. But of course during the whole day work, we produce many different kinds of product, such as: black pudding, white pudding, greaves, chitterlings…etc. The end of the day, the ones, who've been working hard all they long in the cold, have a large meal as a prize for their persistence.

  The food and drinks are provided for the guests during the work, and apart from this, they can buy some of the freshly produced meat.



90 euro/person - accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, pálinka included

60 euro/person - without accommodation




School trip:


We offer a one-day trip for school classes, whilst they can discover the farm, all the animals, and they can make a trip with the carriage in the neighboring area as well: they can visit the Castle Weinckheim, which is nearby, and they can visit a model horticulture too. They can play sports in the farm, like: pingpong, badminton, and there is also a playground, where they can play. During their trip, we make scones for them in the furnace, as a traditional hungarian food - they can help preparing them, if they wish.


Price: 10 euro/person




Summer camp:


If you have children at age between 4-8, bring them to the Peacock Farm and let them stay for a week. Your children will be always under supervision and will be taken care of by two well practiced teachers. During the summer camp, they can play at the playground we have, or they can do some sports, they can also get familiar with the animals, they can take trips. Nowadays, only few children grow up in a green environment, surrounded by animals, with home made food, and with an own economy. We can show them how great is it! As we've experienced so far, once they discover it, they never want to leave! We can accommodate 6 children in the same time.


Price: 15 euro/child/day

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